With a focus on the hyper-colourful, street-ready designs of the 80's, graphic designer and fashion designer moji8fresh launches his ambitious new brand NUE ZZZ. Based in Tokyo NUE ZZZ is going to totally flip the conventions and perceptions of the Japanese fashion scene by using a huge, diverse colour palette.

Keep It Secret are immensely proud to be signed up as the UK/Europe Exclusive agent which allows us to be able to bring you these Exclusive designs direct from this up and coming fashion brand. Previously the mastermind behind the super-famous 'Galaxxxy' brand moji8fresh is injecting his own thoughts and creativity into his pieces and not holding back.
NUEZZZ Square Logo Print T-shirt ★ NUEZZZ
Party Night All-over print Hoodie ★ NUEZZZ
Retro Monster All-over print Chiffon Gown ★ NUEZZZ
Slime Painter All-over print Hoodie ★ NUEZZZ
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