Galaxxxy x Eva Cheung

Eva Cheung (aka Eva Pinkland) is a famous kawaii model & DJ from Hong Kong. She is very popular in Japan and has appeared on various fashion events, as well as television. Eva has a unique taste in fashion which mostly include PINK-themed styles, hence the nickname, Pinkland! This collaboration series with Galaxxxy was a dream come true for Eva to design fashion around her own creative designs with retro-inspired, colourful themes that partner perfectly with Galaxxxy's style!
Eva Cheung x Galaxxy ★ RANDOM Original Design Badges
Eva x Galaxxxy Sweater ★ Blue (LARGE)
Eva x Galaxxxy Sweater ★ Blue (X LARGE)
Eva x Galaxxxy Sweater ★ Pink (X LARGE)
Eva x Galaxxxy ★ Cat T-Shirt Pink
Eva x Galaxxxy ★ Cat T-Shirt Purple
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