KAMIO | Charming POPS ★ Pencil Caps

Direct From Japan!
100% Authentic Original product
Rare to find in the UK!

    Direct from the brand ‘Kamio’, Keep It Secret are proud to introduce the adorable and cuddly characters, Charming POPS. This time decorating a very useful Pack of Pencil Caps.

    TIP: As any budding artist or writer knows, when you have a favourite pencil it easily gets shaved down to the point of only having a few centimetres of pencil remaining, making it IMPOSSIBLE to use!! Usually, it would be time to throw it away... However! These handy little Pencil caps are here to save the day! Simply attach one to your favourite over-used pencil and its length is restored and ready to be used for drawing/writing again, right up to the last little bit of nib so none of it gets wasted! Pencil caps are also useful to protect the lead so you can make sure it also doesn't scribble on the inside of your kawaii pencil case! A great little multi-purpose accessory to have in your kawaii Stationery collection!

    The Pencil Caps come in packs of 5.
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