Chimamusubi | Pencil Caps ★ KAMIO

Direct From Japan!
100% Authentic Original product
Rare to find in the UK
2 Different Styles!

    Direct from the brand Kamio, Chimamusubi Pencil Caps are a must have for any Japanese stationery enthusiast! Not found much outside of Asia but a very useful and handy item to keep in your pencil case! Sometimes your favourite colouring pencil just gets too small to hold. That's when these little pencil caps come into use by extending your pencil so not a single millimetre of the lead gets wasted! Pencil caps are also useful to protect the lead so you can make sure it doesn't scribble on the inside of your kawaii pencil case! 2 Different Styles to choose from and a great little multi-purpose accessory to have in your kawaii Stationery collection!

    Pack Size approx: W: 5cm H: 7cm
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