Secret Compartment Pencil Cases ★ KAMIO

Direct From Japan!
100% Authentic Original product
Rare to find in the UK
2 Different Colour Designs!!

    Direct from the brand Kamio, Secret Compartment Pencil Cases are an essential school item for any Kawaii Stationery enthusiast! These are the biggest pencil cases we have in our collection and a personal favourite!! There are 2 different Character designs to choose from which are; Twinkle Star Girls (Purple) or Secret Rabbit (Blue). Both Pencil cases have 3 Different sized compartments, 1 button-released hidden pencil sharpener along with a Day-planner to schedule notes. Made to a very high quality and rare to find outside of Japan, these would make a great present for someone!

    Size: H:4cm W:9cm L:24.5cm
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