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AMUSE | Pometan & Friends ★ Plush Collection
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Code/Model No: AMUSE001
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Direct From Japan!
100% Authentic Original product
Rare to find in the UK!

    The adorable Pometan & Friends collection are the BRAND NEW Fuwa Fuwa addition to our AMUSE family! If you're looking for a cuddly companion to take care of and nuzzle up to then these pomeranian pals would be the perfect addition to your household ♡ Adopt one of your very own or even collect the whole set!! Standing at a plumply rounded 23cm, delicately soft and fluffier than cotton clouds, each of these fuzzy friends have a completely unique character of their own!

    Pometan ★ Blossomed with bright rosy cheeks, the original hyperactive snowball, Pometan, isn't afraid to disguise his up-to-no-good mannerisms with a cheeky little tongue poking out!!

    Pomemaru ★ This kawaii and mischievous Black & White poofball has the cutest little eyebrows with a devious attitude, you never know what mischief he will get up to when you're not looking!!

    Pomehiko ★ This bold and loveable, rosy-cheeked pomeranian is unmistakable for his adorable Ginger & White creamy latte colours and unique pattern circling his eyes and teeny ears!

    Pomeko-chan ★ Adorned with a kawaii little Baby Blue & White polka dot ribbon (as not to be mistaken for Pometan!) Pomeko-chan is the shy and gentlest of the bunch but has lots of love and cuddles to give!

    Who will you choose to take home today!? ₍ᐢ•ﻌ•ᐢ₎*・゚。

      Soft Plush material of a Super High quality.

      Size: Approx. 23cm

      ★ Keep It Secret only sell 100% Authentic AMUSE Products direct from Japan ★

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